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How to Find Legal Information and Lawyers in the United States


Do you need to find a lawyer in another state? Do you need to find the laws of another state?

Think about it. If you’re looking for reliable legal information, a law library is one good place to begin, online or on the phone or in person.

I posted previously about other state’s law libraries:

State and County Law Libraries and Legal Information to the People

If you’re looking for legal information about a state’s laws or a state’s lawyers, why not go to that state’s law libraries?

For example, if you need to find a lawyer licensed and in good standing in another state and want to know if that state has a referral service, you are a mere web search away from finding that information. However, if you use an online referral service, how do you know if the lawyer on that referral service is licensed and in good standing?

Back in 2009, I posted this: Hiring a Lawyer: Clients and Lawyer Fees (and the related Are you a licensed Oregon attorney?” is a Yes or No Question) and included a link to this excellent guide: A Compilation of State Lawyer Licensing Databases, by Andrew Zimmerman and Trevor Rosen.

You can see why visiting the website or even phoning a state’s law library can save you no small amount of time and trouble.

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