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How to Follow Portland, Oregon, Black Lives Matter and Related Protest News


Research, like good manners, (almost) always helps your cause, to wit:

Please Do Your Research before speaking out on that which you may not know and especially before purloining someone else’s work product.

Sources of Portland, Oregon, news:

Oregon news outlets, whose publications and reporters also have social media accounts:
Statewide: e.g. Oregon Public Broadcasting (KOPB) and The Oregonian.
Regional and local news: e.g. Portland Mercury, Willamette Week, Portland Tribune, Salem Register Guard, Salem Reporter, Street Roots, and other  journalist run or managed news sites around the state.

Independent and Freelance Oregon Journalists: Follow their Twitter feeds and other social media to read on the ground news stories. Some are members of the Society of Professional Journalists, Oregon Chapter (SPJ Oregon).

Oregon organizations that advocate for people’s civil rights have websites and social media accounts, e.g. Urban League of Portland, ACLU_OR, Oregon Innocence Project, among many, many others.

State and local agencies that are involved in civil rights, law enforcement, and related issues, e.g. the Oregon Department of Justice, Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, Oregon Office of Public Defense Services, etc.

Elected official websites and social media accounts: federal (e.g. U.S. Senators and Representatives), state (e.g. Governor, General Assembly members) and local (e.g. city and county council and commission members)

Lawyers, especially members of the Oregon State Bar who practice state and federal criminal and civil rights law.

National news / media: news and “news” outlets and networks, social media, and websites will also report on Oregon news, sometimes with reporters on-site, but usually relying on local news and independent journalists’ who have been on-site while recording their news, videos, and interviews. Beware of “news” stories that are Copy and Paste text and video from local sources without the news “repeaters” doing their own research, interviews, and fact checking, let alone not giving credit to the original news reporting sources.

Twitter feeds for the above will link you to news, videos, websites, other reporters, and real time on the ground reporting. See, e.g., these among many, many, MANY, others:


(By the way, somewhat off the subject, Oregon has had a statewide Vote By Mail system in place for donkey’s years. Everyone loves it. No one has to risk death in order to vote. And still … statewide only 26% of 18-34 year olds voted in the May 2020 Primary, while:

35-49: 39.4%

50-64: 53.1%

65+: 71.4%

MAY 19, 2020, PRIMARY ELECTION (pages 26-39)).

Disclaimer: The information provided on this blog is for research purposes only. We do not provide legal advice, nor do we endorse any person, product, or company.

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