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If you think “Open Data” and “Government Transparency” are Easy, Free, Authentic, Accurate …


State Regulations Online

Guidelines for Open Data Policies (and more from the Sunlight Foundation and Open Congress)

Everyone likes open data, government transparency, consumer protections, and life online, but do you ever think about what it costs to make these happen?

  • Do you want to learn about potentially deadly food, airplanes, and cars, before you eat, fly, and drive?
  • Do you want to redress your grievances in court in front of an impartial judge?
  • Do you want to protect your property interests through a public, centralized, and uncorrupt and bribe-free recording repository?
  • Do you want the school your child attends to have safe drinking water, and no asbestos or other toxic substances flaking off the walls?
  • Do you ever ask, “why won’t they put that online?”
  • Do you ever wonder, “why didn’t they tell me?”
  • Do you ever ….?
  • Do you ever …?

Many thanks to the Connecticut law librarian who brought the State Regulations Online grid to our attention.

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