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iS Big iBrother Watching Your iPhone?


You may be willing to give up security and confidentiality on your own behalf, but when you’re talking about your clients and other second and third parties, you have to do a little more research, and have a little more care.

This was interesting:

Law Firm Bans iPhone Due to Security Risks from Ride the Lightning:

Excerpt: “…Though we felt like Scrooge, we had to advise him that there is no way for anyone but Apple to correct the security problems with the iPhone.

Once someone who knows what they’re doing gets physical access to the iPhone, your data is their data….” (link to full post) (and the related post)

(I also like reading Schneier on Security for more on security and confidentiality in a wobbly world.)

(Thanks to Jack Bog’s Blog for the lead.)

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