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It’s 10 p.m. Do You Know When Your Tow Truck Operator Was Released?


Know your tow truck operator.

From the Washington County Sheriff’s Department story, “Oh Thank Goodness the Tow Truck Is Here.” (Yes, I know there is another side to tow truck operators but we’ll leave that for another day.) There is more Sheriff’s Office News here.

“Have you ever had your vehicle break down on the road and needed to be towed? You feel that great sigh of relief as the tow truck arrives to move your vehicle and often you and family members from the side of the road. Or maybe your vehicle has been stolen and later recovered and you needed towing services. What do you know about the tow company and the person arriving to help you? Your Sheriff’s Office has taken steps to assure your safety.

Your Sheriff’s Office authorizes only certain companies to respond when deputies call for tow services. Each of the authorized tow companies has had their offices, storage yards, and trucks inspected by Sheriff’s Office members. In addition, each tow truck driver, company owner, dispatcher, and mechanic must undergo a thorough background investigation.

In a recent 18 month period, 270 tow company employees were disqualified by the Sheriff’s Office. Disqualification due to prior criminal convictions included 23 registered sex offenders and others with charges ranging from attempted murder, robbery, manslaughter, rape, sodomy, child pornography, drugs, fraud, and other serious crimes. In fact, 35 even had suspended driver’s licenses and 9 had outstanding warrants for their arrest. You will not find any of these persons driving a tow truck that is requested by our deputies.”

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