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Judicial, Non-judicial and other Types of Foreclosure in Oregon


The following resources will be of use to attorneys, self-represented litigants, and attorney clients:

1) “Handling a Foreclosure Case,” OSB CLE, May 17-18, 2012
Non-judicial, judicial, contested, uncontested, deeds in lieu of foreclosures, and much, much more are discussed in this 2-day CLE. (Some Oregon county law libraries will have the 2-volume course-book from the 2012 CLE.)

2) The Oregon State Bar (OSB) practice book(s) on Real Estate, Foreclosing Security Interests, and others also discuss judicial and other types of foreclosures. (These practice books can also be found on BarBooks at many county law libraries.)

3) National Consumer Law Center (NCLC): Book: “Foreclosures: Mortgage Servicing, Mortgage Modifications, and Foreclosure Defense,” 4th edition, 2012. (Some county law libraries will have this  book.)

4) An OSB “Judicial Foreclosure Defense in Oregon” CLE will be held in February 2013, cosponsored by the Consumer Law Section and Legal Aid Foreclosure Help.

4) More for self-represented ligitants: Visit the Oregon State Bar Public Info website  and Oregon Law Help for more information from Oregon Legal Services of Oregon on housing and foreclosure.

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