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Justice Ballmer elected as 42nd Chief Justice of Oregon Supreme Court


See OJD Media Release, dated 1/20/12*

‘The Honorable Thomas A. Balmer has been elected as the 42nd Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, the court announced today. Balmer will succeed Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz, who will step down as Chief Justice on May 1, 2012 before retiring from the bench in January 2013.

“Chief Justice De Muniz has been an innovative leader and a tireless advocate for open and accessible courts and promoting timely justice for the people who rely on courts to protect their rights and safety,” Balmer said. “I will continue his important initiatives and do everything I can to ensure that Oregonians can rely on their state courts for prompt and impartial decisions in the thousands of cases that come before Oregon judges every day.” …‘ [See OJD Media Release, dated 1/20/12]

*If the direct link to the news release doesn’t work, click on OJD Media Releases and use the drop down menu. Click on What’s New or Archived News and look for the 1/20/12 news release.

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