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Justice Bedsworth Fishes for a Bond with OR-7 (Oregon’s favorite wolf)


While lamenting 1,600 pounds of fish who lost their lives in a motor vehicle accident, Justice Bedsworth tries valiantly to wrap his mind around Oregon’s favorite lone wolf, OR-7, who may or may not have wandered into California for the same reason others have, i.e. in search of a mate or at least a one-moonlit-night-stand with a California hot number, perhaps the infamous Jerri “Moonbeam” Brown-Wolf, if she could be found. (But alas, it appears our beloved lone wolf may be destined to remain one, or at least without a California mate.)

Now about those fish …. From Justice Bedsworth, in his January 2013 A Criminal Waste of Space article, “The Parable of the Wolves and Fishes“:

‘…. So one of our neighbors here in Orange County, Dina Kourda, wants the City of Irvine to install a memorial plaque for the sixteen hundred pounds of fish. On behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, she has filed a request with Irvine to memorialize the dead fish with a monument where they died. The plaque would read, “In memory of hundreds of fish who suffered and died at this spot.”

…. But it may not even be my most embarrassing admission today. That may be confessing to my absolute astonishment that the State of California is spending federal grant money and a ton of head-scratching over the question of whether the state’s one gray wolf is an endangered species.

Here’s the deal on this one. California had no gray wolves. None. Zip, nada, zilch, zero gray wolves. Hadn’t been a gray wolf in California in 80 years.

Then a gray wolf from Oregon crossed the border into California….’ [Link to full Justice Bedsworth, A Criminal Waste of Space, article.]

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