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Justice Bedsworth Looks (askance) Upon the Entertainment Value of the Internet (and Legal Memos)


When legal memos are one and the same with the “content” of the Internet, is there any hope for the future?

Cats, Frogs, and [don’t spam me please*] Women,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth:

Excerpt: “Sitting on the library table in my chambers is a memorandum from the Judicial Council entitled, “Information for Implementing New Rules of Court Regarding Public Access to Judicial Administrative Records.” It is, sadly, not the page-turner its title would lead you to expect….

…So here we are well into 2010, the material scares me and bores me at the same time, the rest of the class is way ahead of me, and the cute girls in the class think I’m stupid. It’s junior year Algebra II all over again.

The simple fact is I am NOT a Twenty-First Century guy. I was good at the Twentieth Century, and positively rocked on some Nineteenth Century stuff.(5) But now we’re hip deep in the Twenty-First Century and I can feel the email piranha nipping at my ankles with their razor-sharp online video teeth….” (link to full April 2010 CWS post)

*Judicious use of words in one’s online posts keeps one’s spam levels to a dull roar.

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