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Justice Bedsworth on the Election of Judges


Start the new year with Justice Bedworth, who cuts to the chase, and the chuckle, when it comes to electing judges.

Electoral Processpool,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth

Excerpt: “…I’m pleased that my friends(2) have been impressed by the margin of my victory. With no opponent, I received 73.3% of the vote. Just call me Landslide Bedsworth.

But one of those friends couched the results in language I could appreciate as a sports fan, but which disturbed me somewhat, nonetheless. Willie Brown,(3) the center fielder on my high school baseball team, said, “Beds got 73% of the vote against nobody. Isn’t that like playing a football game with no other team on the field and winning 20–7?”

I must admit it’s a little disconcerting that 387,337 people, given their choice of me or nobody, chose nobody. I can just hear them saying, “No, if Bedsworth’s all you got, I think we’ll pass, thank you very much.” (Link to full article.)

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