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Justice Bedsworth Takes on Hits, Runs, and Sports Contracts


The O(range) C(ounty) Bar Association monthly OC Lawyer Magazine, once again brings us Justice Bedsworth so brace yourself for a laugh and an education:

Bunting for Boilerplate,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth

Excerpt: “My late father was not a sports fan. He was whatever the opposite of a sports fan is. He used to say, “I hate sports the way people who love sports hate common sense.”

But I was a mama’s boy, and Mom loved sports. She took me to the Little League tryouts, played catch with me in the front yard, and went to hockey games with me well into her eighties.

So when I tell you this column is about sports contracts, at least you know I recognize the subject matter does not guarantee that it will be interesting. I may or may not be able to make it interesting, but it won’t be for lack of understanding that sports talk does not automatically light up your PET scan.

But that’s not my complaint today…..

…, what’s attracted my attention today is not so much the players as the attorneys who represent them. These people seem to have raised boilerplate to an art form. Either they have simply concluded that no one—neither their clients nor the clients’ employers—actually reads any part of the contract that does not include zeroes, or there is something going on here I can’t begin to understand….” (Link to full column.)

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