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Justice Bedsworth Takes on the Sport of Professional Divorce


A Criminal Waste of Space has a new address (aka URL), so if you’re a Justice “CWoS” Bedsworth fan, update your bookmarks. If you’re not a fan, well, what can I say? Take solace in the likelihood that the URL will change again and next time we might not be able to find it or get it free. Alas.

Thanks to the Orange County Bar Association, and the OC Lawyer Magazine, you can still read A Criminal Waste of Space online, free (hurrah!).

This month, December 2009 (wowsers!), our favorite off-beat appellate court justice who manages to “get it out of his system” and give us so many chuckles and guffaws, is still suffering from post-World-Series-Angst and we’re glad of it!

Take Me Out To Divorce Court: “Beds is having a hard time letting go of the baseball season this year.

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