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Justice Bedsworth: Why God Made Misdemeanors and the NCAA Sanctioned Cal Tech


Justice Bedsworth’s take on these matters makes as much sense as anyone’s – and maybe a little more. And he’s a real judge! (Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal.)

OC Lawyer, A Criminal Waste of Space: September 2012: Schools by the NCAA

Excerpt: “…. So we, greenhorns all, learned the rules of evidence and the complexities of human nature by trying misdemeanors. If you dropped the blood vial in a driving-under-the-influence case and watched it shatter on the floor—as actually happened to one of my contemporaries—you were not turning a puppy-raper loose on society. If you over-prosecuted a petty theft case, it was unlikely your mistake would change the earth’s rotational rate.

The idea was that you would do stupid things early in your career and learn from them how not to do stupid things later in your career. With that in mind, I find myself wondering who handled the NCAA’s investigation of Cal Tech.

That’s right. The NCAA went after Cal Tech....” [Link to full article.]

Link to Orange County Lawyer Magazine.

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