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Kids Home Alone: Fire, Death and Race


Our Kids Home Alone blog posts* still generate lots of questions and comments. Here is more terrifying food for thought for those of you who think twice about leaving kids home alone. Longform linked to this story on May 31, 2016:

“A Trial By Fire,” by Carol Mersch, at The Big Roundtable, May 2016

In eight minutes, Miashah Moses took out the trash and a blaze consumed the apartment….” [Link to Longform and the full article.]

*Apologies for some of the dead links in the old Kids Home Alone blog posts; not all of them can be updated. Regardless, most of the content is still relevant, although you should contact your local children’s services organizations if you have specific questions about whether or not you should leave any child under your care alone, at home, in a car, at the library (please, no, don’t do that either), or anywhere else.

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