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Laughing Darkly: Human Frailty, Animal Comfort, Regulatory Food for Thought


Justice Bedsworth, in A Criminal Waste of Space, August 2014:

“Deciding Between Comfort Animals and Comfort Food,” by Justice William W. Bedsworth

Excerpt: “Edward O. Wilson is a biologist. A very perceptive biologist. He sums up the human condition this way, “We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.”

No one who has spent even five minutes marveling at Facebook posts or deciphering Twitter feeds or counseling someone whose Instagram has come back to haunt him can doubt the accuracy of that observation.

And it occurs to me that there are few areas of human endeavor in which its application seems more ubiquitous than our relationships with animals. Especially when we try to write laws and regulations dealing with animals.

We love animals. But it’s a problematic usage of the word ‘love.’...” [Link to full Justice Bedsworth August 2014 Criminal Waste of Space column.]

If you’re ever inclined to comment on proposed federal regulations, visit Regulations dot gov.

To comment on proposed Oregon administrative rules, visit the Secretary of State’s OAR websites and then visit the Agency’s website where they presumably have posted Rules for Comment information. See, for example: DPSST ADMINISTRATIVE RULES


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