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When “The Law” Isn’t “The Law”: UELMA and the Oregon Revised Statutes


If you find a “law” on The Internet, doesn’t it mean it’s “The Law?” (hahaha)?

Not everything you read on the Internet is accurate. (I know! Hard to believe, but it’s true!)

Make sure the “law” you find online is accurate and know how to correct and update it if necessary.

Some states have enacted UELMA, Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act. Few have executed the act, but some are in the process.

Oregon’s UELMA is codified at ORS 192.715 et seq. (but does not include court documents, only statutes and regulations).

UELMA Session law: Oregon UELMA: Chapter 221, (2013 Laws): Effective date May 23, 2013

You can find its legislative history using OLIS at the Oregon Legislature’s website: Search 2013 HB 2944 (make sure you’re not in the current session’s default setting)

More about UELMA at these OLR blog posts.

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