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Law Librarians, Lawyers, Legal Publishers, and the AALL Consumer Advocacy Caucus

If you are new to the Law Librarian Consumer Advocacy Caucus discussion (and Petition) and want some history and to enter the conversation:
1) For law librarians and law library managers: there is a Petition being circulated by the Consumer Advocacy Caucus (including Comments)
2) There are several websites/blogs where you can find of information on the Caucus and the Petition – see below for a list.
3) You can also post your questions to the SCCLL or other Communities‘ listserves or to law-lib and members of the Caucus and other interested parties can answer your questions and continue the discussion.
A detailed post with links to the Petition and background can be found at this 9/12/11, Law Librarian Blog post (or at
There is further discussion of the Petition at the 9/13/11, 3 Geeks blog post
The following blogs post regularly about the Consumer Advocacy Caucus:
If you’re wondering if all the above has anything to do with you, it might or might not be ….
For any law librarian who has ever wondered:
“I can’t be the only one spending way too much time trying to solve book-order mix-ups, invoice errors, and database contract problems,” or
Why does every other legal publisher transaction need professional law librarian or manager intervention to decipher mailing labels, packing slips, and invoices – these should be routine processing tasks” or
“I hate begging for more money from bosses who don’t understand why the shipping cost is higher than the price of the book, or why a 20 page pocket part costs $$$$, or why we now have to pay for a new volume even though we just bought the set last month, or why I had to take 30 minutes on the phone with customer service to get them to cancel a vendor charge instead of doing  work I’m supposed to be doing to run the law library.”
I once asked for advice from another librarian who said, ‘I don’t have a problem with that vendor – it might be your fault.  Maybe you need to be more assertive.’  I don’t think it’s just me – or is it?”
Can AALL help us out as a community with some of these problems rather than us just sharing our own individual stories on a listserve?  There has to be a better way.”
Or maybe you work with law professors or legal writers who need research assistance to help protect their copyrights, their reputations, or to keep that publisher contract a true meeting of the minds.
Or, maybe you are a legal publisher, and want to continue being one, and want a level playing field where the interests of buyers and sellers (and content creators) intersect and everyone wins.
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