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Lawyers: Save Time & Money: “Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual”


Law offices without law librarians can also save time and money with the tips and reviews in the 2013 Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual.

1) How to deter and refuse unsolicited shipments: Do you know about 39 U.S. Code 3009?

2) Do you really need annual print supplements? (They can be expensive up-front and to file/shelve.)

3) Product reviews:  Buy only the best, buy only what you need, buy only what you can afford.

4) Learn how to evaluate legal materials.

5) Learn which used law books are good value.

6) Select the research resource you need from thousands of subject-specific loose-leaf, treatise, and database reviews.

7) Twelve appendices with legal publication costs, publishers, and other spreadsheets, charts, and guides.

Many public law libraries and law school libraries will have a copy for you to read. (It’s almost always a reference copy, so you probably won’t be able to check it out.)

Or, consider buying a used copy of the “Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual,” to take it for a trial run; it is published annually.

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