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Legal News Roundup and Why We Really Need Organizations Like the Classroom Law Project


When I worked in academic law libraries, a charming and [usually] young law student would invariably come up to the reference desk, ask a question, and then say deprecatingly, “it’s really not that important, it’s just an academic question.” My rueful retort was usually, “hey pal, this is a law school – it’s ALL academic.” If I got a chuckle I knew the two of us would enjoy the student’s law school years. (If I got a really big laugh, I knew to look out. It wasn’t *that* funny!)

Well the same kind of retort could be applied to life. HEY PAL, IT’S ALL LAW, which is why I like what the Classroom Law Project is doing. But reading the newspapers on my long day’s journey into work this morning left me a bit law-stunned. Just about every story had a law connection. And I looked at only the Oregonian and the Portland Tribune before throwing up my hands and turning to the OSB Bulletin where at least I found some humor!
Here’s a taste of this morning’s legal news.

Vancouver Students’ Prayer Circle Controvery

Timber Funds Update

Death With Dignity Act Annual Report

Sunriver Drivers Get License to Speed

Parent’s of Teen Killed By Police Plan to Sue

Bullets and Forgiveness

“Pilfered Pot Gets Official Busted”

Portland Charter Review 1

Portland Charter Review 2

Portland Charter Review and Visioning

Lottery Rules and Casinos

I could go on, but will spare you. If anyone wants to pay me to do this, compiling links to Oregon legal news on a daily basis, think again. You couldn’t pay me enough. It’s a big job, even in our little state. And to law librarians, just about everything has a legal component so you may as well just read the newspapers, news feeds, news blogs, and blawgs.

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