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Legal Rights and Legal Answers for Young Oregonians

My boyfriend is 15 and I’m 17 …” and variations on the theme.
Sometimes the only thing to do is to “Ask a Lawyer.” Sometimes, you can read all the books, read all the statutes, ask all your friends, and you still don’t have an answer.
The Oregon State Bar has a program called Problem Solvers for people ages 11 to 17. They offer free, confidential 30 minute legal consultations. You can contact them:
Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday
Phone: 503-684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-7636
The Multnomah County Bar Association has another excellent resource for young people:
Of course, if you’re interested in learning how to research the law, ask a law library and a law librarian!
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