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Legal Self-Help Center News in Oregon and Beyond


There is no shortage of news about SRL (self-represented litigant) service resources, here in Oregon and beyond. Two recent stories and a list of SRL service provider resources:

OREGON Self-Represented / A2J  Resources:


Miscellaneous A2J and Legal Self-Help Resources in Oregon and Beyond:

Yes, of course there are more, in addition to many foreign and international Access to Justice and Legal Aid programs. Feel free to email us, Comment, or link back to this blog post.

Dead Link Note: Links Die. Yup. You probably knew that – and probably know there are way more important or awful things that can go wrong in life. In any event, if any of the above links die, just run an internet search for the new one. I try to give enough bibliographic info AND have tried to archive the above links in the Internet Archive. (Not all links can be archived there.)

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