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Legislative Data Transparency Report Card


As part of their Open States project, the Sunlight Foundation recently released their Open Legislative Data Report Card.  They rated each state legislature’s website on the following criteria: completeness; timeliness; ease of access; machine readability; standards; permanence.  You can read more details about the criteria behind the ratings at their blog. The Report Card also offers details on some of the ratings for each state (for example, why Missouri scored highly on permanence). The final tally of grades was:

  • A: 8 states
  • B: 11 states
  • C: 20 states
  • D: 6 states
  • F: 6 states  

Take a look and see how your state did, and check out some of the interesting features on high-scoring sites (such as the Texas Legislature’s use of color-coding and graphics to indicate a bill’s progress).

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