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Librarians versus the NSA (The Nation)


Hat tip to the 5/11/15,Library Link of the Day:

Librarians Versus the NSA: Your local library is on the front lines against government surveillance,” by Zoë Carpenter May 6, 2015, The Nation, May 25, 2015

“…. Librarians have frequently been involved in the fight against government surveillance. The first librarian to be locked up for defending privacy and intellectual freedom was Zoia Horn, who spent three week in jail in 1972 for refusing to testify against anti–Vietnam War activists. During the Cold War, librarians exposed the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s attempts to recruit library staffers to spy on foreigners, particularly Soviets, through a national effort called the Library Awareness Program….” [Link to full Nation article.]

A trip down memory lane, in darker days: the Law Librarian and the FBI.

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