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Library Management in the Age of MOOCS


Expertise needed by 21st Century Library Managers: Money, Privacy, Copyright, Licensing, and Education Law … that is, the same skills professional librarians needed in the 20th and 19th centuries!

But user, funder, and governing body assumptions and expectations of what libraries can be and knowledge of how libraries are managed have changed:

“Libraries in the Time of MOOCs,” by Curtis Kendrick and Irene Gashurov, in Educause, Monday, November 4, 2013

“....  Soon, librarians might be asked to provide access to copyrighted, licensed electronic resources for MOOC students around the world. Will we be equipped with the technology to accommodate unprecedented numbers of students inside and outside the university? We will also have to deal with legal issues related to MOOCs, such as intellectual property rights, privacy issues, and state regulations. After exhausting the many ways of saying no to difficult change, perhaps we can find a way to work with all the stakeholders and help shape the rapidly changing MOOC model in concert with our own needs while we still can….”

Wikipedia MOOC article.

Hat tip to Library Link of the Day (11/6/13)

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