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Managing Email, Web 2.0, and Beyond: 20 Tips


The tips at this post, 20 Tips to Manage your Online Social Life, which I linked to from iLibrarian, piqued my curiosity. They may pique yours too – or not.

For me, it’s not so much my “social life” that needs managing. I can do that perfectly well or at least to my own satisfaction. It’s the work-related networks that start to feel overwhelming.

Mind Mapping isn’t new, but it has taken me a while to absorb its usefulness and adapt it. Password control is a necessity, but the right method eludes me still. These tips may not be exactly right for you, but they will keep your Organization-Maven Juices flowing in the right direction. Twenty tips are a bit much; I like new ideas in small bites, e.g. 3-4 tips at a time, max. But I can manage 🙂

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