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I happen to be reading Everything is Miscellaneous in spare moments (which is a not-inappropriate way to read such a book). Today I came upon this at Nicole Engard’s What I learned today: … an interview of Cory Doctorow (boing boing) by David Weinberger (Everything is Miscellaneous)

The absolute funniest thing about it is that they are such librarians – guy librarians, though, for sure (not to mention bibiliophilian digerati ). For example, what’s missing from this exchange?

David: ‘In my book, I actually use the example of “Capri, ” where it’s the Island Capri, the Ford Capri, and there’s a motel Capri that shows up for some reason. The remarkable thing is they do it, as you say, completely by looking at the tags and not by doing any analysis of the picture itself, and it’s remarkably accurate. Which is, I think, actually a very good answer or rebuttal to the criticism that tags are chaos, and as you get more and more of them, it will get more and more chaotic. It turns out that when you have a lot of them, the statistical analysis becomes really pretty precise….’”

Most women will immediately notice the omission: Capri pants 🙂

But it is nonetheless an interesting interview – at least to us librarian types, even us Capri-less (though Capri-savvy) ones.

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