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Multnomah County (Oregon) Jail Report


Blog post, “Does Jail Work as an Intermediate Sanction,” linking to:

Sentencing Law and Policy blog post about Multnomah County jail report and the Vera Institute Report

Excerpt from Grits for Breakfast blog post:

With so many jurisdictions now using some version of so-called problem solving courts, the question arises: What are the best intermediate sanctions to use for probationers as opposed to revoking them to prison? In particular, are short jail stints the answer?Recently Marc Levin of the Texas Public Policy Foundation urged the House Corrections Committee to follow the lead of Hawaii’s HOPE program, which routinely uses jail time to punish minor infractions, reportedly with great success.

By contrast, Doc Berman the other day wrote about a study out of Multinomah County in Oregon that reached the opposite conclusion, published this month in a new Vera Institute report (pdf): “The use of jail as an intermediate sanction was correlated with higher rates of recidivism, a relationship that should be examined more closely.” I reacted to this news in the comments thusly:….” (link to full post)

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