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Nanny Spam Scam

I got one of those Nanny-scam email messages.  You know the ones:
“My name is xx, I need a babysitter for my twins for our next holiday. This will be for next month from 10th September 2011 to 30 September 2011. Please kindly state your price if you accept to do it. Kindly reply to
As much as we would like to respond with a “you can’t afford me” or “$1,000” an hour you kindly kinda scamming spammer,” I recommend you either delete it or report it, if you want.
You can contact the Oregon DOJ Consumer Hotline (or your own state’s Department of Justice or other Consumer Protection agency) to find out if they want to know about these types of scam-spams or you can report it to Nanny Scams or you can delete, delete, delete and stay vigilant.
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