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Naughty, Naughty: Lawyers and Public Officials: Disciplinary Records


Words are tricky, and powerful, things. I bet what you imagine when you read the words naughty, naughty (oooooh or sorry, mom) is completely different from the thoughts that surface when you hear disciplinary records (yawn). Oh, the power of words.

On to yawn, uh, disciplinary records:

From PI Buzz, both posts by Tamara Thompson:

8/23/08, Find Records of Disciplined Attorneys

8/24/08, This week in public records: Arizona Disciplinary Records. This is an interesting post on several fronts with Tamara raising the question:

Does your state have an open records law related to government employee discipline records?

And, does your state have a statewide ombudsman?

(Some cities and counties do, e.g. Portland, Oregon has an ombudsman, though I’m not sure how many people understand the nature of the job – and its value, not to mention the importance of the ombudsman him/herself who is supposed to be above politics, with a status different from but sharing some of the features of tenure granted to faculty or Article 3 protection granted to, uh, Article 3 federal judges. But, maybe more on ombudsmen later, in another post.)

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