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Networking for Shy Lawyers


Via Stark County Law Library, we find this: Networking for Shy Lawyers, at Build a Solo Practice. It’s a cut above the usual self-help guides, but if nothing else it will cure you of those silly, self-centered “I thought I was the only one” thoughts (you are NEVER the only one, no matter what you are going through – the world has over 6 billion people, all of whom have lives and feelings too, well, most of them anyway).

Excerpt from post:

You’ve been told over and over again the way to get connections in the profession, drum up business, is network, network, network. You know I’m right. And you know for some people it is just so easy. They jump out there, do it as naturally as breathing. Yet you are more introverted, less comfortable in group situations, don’t know how to break the ice or get with the ‘in crowd.’ Honestly, don’t worry. But the question remains: how do you work with what you are to be successful as a solo practitioner?

First, before you go labeling yourself introvert and extravert (yes, that is the correct spelling), understand the difference and then realize you are what you are and you’re not going to change:….”

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