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New Oregon Laws: Passed in 2015, Effective in 2016


Many new Oregon laws affecting sick leave, birth control, recreational marijuana, vaping, grandparents, bestiality, early termination fees when you die, and much more are effective January 1, 2016.

How do you find out what these new laws are?

Search online. Here are some keywords to search: new laws oregon 2015 2016 (limiting your results to the past year will get rid of a lot of the old stuff)

An Oregonian article, “Birth control, sick leave and pumping your own gas: Oregon’s new laws in 2016,” by Denis C. Theriault, posted December 31, 2015, includes a good list (and links to the bills).

Call your state legislator: Yes, they might be getting ready for the February 2016 short session, but they and their staff members probably have this information at their fingertips, if not already posted to their websites.

(The Find Your Legislator link is at the Oregon Legislature’s homepage.)

Note: As of now, the 2015 ORS is still not online, but it will, we hope, show up before the start of the 2016 short session. The print, official, ORS may already be in your local libraries.

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