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New Resources for Landlord Tenant Issues in Oregon


The Washington County Circuit Court has posted informational videos about court procedures for evictions. These are short videos available in English and Spanish that contain general information about evictions and things both landlords and tenants need to know about how evictions are handled in court. The information in the videos is not specific to the Washington County Circuit court, so if your matter is in another county, they are still good resources for information.

For evictions, also see last week’s blog “So you’ve been served with eviction papers. Now What?!” with a video from our Now What?! legal information series.

Oregon Law Help, maintained by the Oregon Law Center, recently posted a Renter’s Handbook on Rent Increases. This short document, available in English and Spanish gives information about the different types of tenancies and how a landlord may deliver a notice of a rent increase. It also provides resources you can look at if you are a low-income renter.

While you are on the Oregon Law Help website check out the newly released fact sheet about Oregon House Bill 2001. HB 2001 passed in 2023 and gives renters new protections. This fact sheet is available in both English and Spanish.

Don’t forget that your local law library can help you access all the resources listed above as well other helpful information on this and other legal topics that you may need.

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