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New Rule on Filng Briefs in Oregon Supreme Court


The Oregon Supreme Court has a new rule about filing digital briefs, ORAP 9.17.

From the OJD web page:

The Oregon Supreme Court recently amended ORAP 9.17 to require that a party filing a brief on the merits in the Supreme Court also email to the court an electronic copy of the brief in portable document format (PDF). The electronic copy is in addition to filing paper copies. ORAP 9.17(5) applies to any brief on the merits filed after May 1, 2007.

The requirement applies to intervenors and amicus curiae but exempts a party confined in a state institution and not represented by counsel. Any other party who lacks the technology to comply with the amendments may move for relief from the requirement.

As to briefs containing confidential information, a party filing an original and a redacted brief under ORAP 5.95 (“Briefs Containing Confidential Material”) should email a PDF version of each.The new requirement is part of a State of Oregon Law Library project to create a searchable, digital brief bank. The initial project is limited to Supreme Court merits briefs. It will expand as we move to new applications for electronic document management and filing — presently in the preliminary planning stages.

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