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OJD iForms: A DIY Option


OJD iForms is an easy way for self-represented litigants to produce court documents in a variety of case types including Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, and Small Claims. According to the OJD brochure, iForms “generates a correctly completed form that you can either eFile, deliver by hand, or mail to the court.”

The process is a simple one, called Guide and File. With Guide and File, the user logs in to the site, chooses the form they want to file and answers a series of interview questions, after which iForms generates a form.

There are some interviews within Guide and File that have Spanish translations. The OJD website cautions that court documents must be filed in English, or the court may reject your filing.

If you want to save your documents or need to exit an interview to complete later, be sure to set up a user account. You can also get information on what your next steps might be from your account. OJD also has a next steps page with links for downloads of pdfs with the same information.

There is no charge to complete the forms – the only cost is for any related court fees, which you can pay online if you eFile.

If you are comfortable with computers and have all your documentation gathered, OJD iForms might be a convenient way to prepare your documents to file with the court.

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