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One Flu Over the Top? “Swine” Flu in Oregon


If you want information about “Swine” Flu and you want information that doesn’t SCREAM at your or PANIC you or otherwise make you a basket case (maybe related to this handbasket), check out your county health department’s websites. For example:

1) Washington County
2) State of Oregon Flu website

3) See also these for more lessons learned (we hope):

Are we morally ready for another great pandemic? Preparing for swine flu raises ethical issues — including questions of who gets treated and who doesn’t, by Peter Korn, The Portland Tribune, Aug 27, 2009,


Spanish flu epidemic hit Portland hard: Heavyhanded tactics might have created a backlash against rules, by Peter Korn, The Portland Tribune, Aug 27, 2009

4) Previous OLR Flu blog posts.

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