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Online Oregon Criminal Records Searches (re CriminalSearches dot com)


The Oregon Judicial Department has this official NOTICE ABOUT ONLINE CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCHES:

July 31, 2008

We have received many complaints since July 21 about inaccurate and outdated information on a new website called, which offers to search for “criminal” records throughout the US for free.

The website includes case information from outside the state court system. The state court system’s records do not include case information from justice, municipal, or county courts.

The website has revised its disclaimer since it was first made public.

The website also includes information that may not be a criminal offense in Oregon (for example, traffic violations) states that a nonexistent office (“Administrative Office of the Courts”) is the source of the information.

We are working with the Oregon Department of Justice to investigate the complaints.
If you want to report a problem about information provided in these records searches, please contact the
Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline.

If you want to confirm information you have found in an online search, please see this FAQ page on our site.

We will update this page as we receive additional information”

(copied from the OJD website)

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