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Oregon Access to Justice and Mandated Legislative Reports


You can find a list of reports submitted to the Oregon State Legislature at an Oregon State Library website: Reports to the Oregon State Legislature

The list includes these OJD reports, which you can find from the January 5, 2012, blog post: Oregon Judicial Department Outcomes-Based Strategies:



Oregon’s courts are committed to providing equal access, ensuring fairness, and enforcing the rule of law. Everyone has a right to accessible justice. Our courts provide all people with the help and information that they need to resolve their disputes quickly and fairly, and at a reasonable cost. We help to secure legal representation for those who need it and to assist those who represent themselves. Oregon courts strive to be safe, easy to use, free from barriers, and culturally responsive. County courthouses will continue to stand as symbols of assurance that justice will remain available to everyone throughout the state. Our courts will use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the services that we provide meet people’s diverse needs….”
[Link to and read full report.]

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