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Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Child Support Rules Commentary


Once upon a time, if you were researching Child Support Rules and wanted Commentary, you could find the documents on the agency website. But, alas, no more. The homepage refers to OAR Commentary, but you won’t find any.

You can find the archived Commentary, however, if you look at the Internet Archives (and Wayback Machine). Versions of the DHS Child Support Guidelines, with Commentary, are there. They are slow to load on my computer, but these searches in the Wayback Machine should get you there.

Option 1 (URL search):
Option 2 (word search): Oregon child support guidelines rule commentary (this is just one possible word search)

When I used the first search, I reached these documents, with the actual Commentary:

Division of Child Support Guidelines and Rule Commentary (in effect prior to 5/12/03)
1994 Child Support Guidelines Commentary
1991 Child Support Guidelines Commentary

Now that I’ve put you through all that, and myself, I just ran a simple Google search (1994 Child Support Guidelines Commentary) and it popped right up, though you don’t get context, which you may need, especially if this will be used as authority for your case.

When all is said and done, I tend to go right to the Agency Rules Coordinators (from here, too) or the agency’s other policy staff members. They can be immensely helpful.

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