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Oregon Attorney Wins Metaphor of the Week Prize: Bowels of Law Enforcement


No, there isn’t really an Oregon Metaphor of the Week Prize, but maybe there should be!

(Wikipedia describes metaphor. For the record, my latest, favorite uber-metaphorist is Harry Markopolos.)

Willamette Week (homepage), cover story, July 28, 2010: Oregon’s Scariest Cops:

Excerpt: ‘… Few criminal defense lawyers have spent more time in Clackamas County court than John Henry Hingson, who has been practicing law since 1971.

Hingson says it’s hard to assess CCSO’s problems.

“That’s an extremely difficult question, because the public doesn’t get to crawl into the bowels of law enforcement in search of cancerous polyps,” Hingson says. “Occasionally I get a rare glimpse, and I get a little bit frightened.”…‘ (Link to full story.)

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