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Oregon Chickens and County Dogs-Children Ratio


As I walked out of a local store this past weekend I nearly tripped over a chicken, who was probably out for lunch (lots of veggie restaurants in my neighborhood).

This reminded me that we’re probably due for our annual “How many chickens can I keep on my property?” question. With prices for eggs and, sorry, chicken going up, the question may arise sooner rather than later.

Instead of giving The Answer, and there is seldom just one, I recommend you look up or contact one (or more) of the following:

1) Your city or county code (for where you live) may be online or at your local library, but sometimes it’s just easier to phone one of the following. Codes are not the easiest tomes to decipher.

2) Your county or city’s:
· Animal Control office
· Code Enforcement office
· Extension Services office

3) Your local law or public library

If you’re new to poultry, here’s a good place to begin your research, but don’t stop there. Your own county’s website may have more, e.g. here is Washington County’s.

Woof: As for those dogs in my title field, I recently had to find out if there were more dogs than children in Portland. The Portland numbers are blank for the moment (more pressing matters), but there ARE more dogs than children in Multnomah County (includes Portland).

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