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Oregon Comcast Late Fee Class Action Lawsuit


For those who think that the wheels of (in)justice (as the case may be) grind slowly, here’s an example. (And for those of you with small children in your lives, think about those bus wheels going round and round, round and round, round and round, …. For the rest of us, think of Jarndyce vs. Jardyce or sometimes this, where wisdom and mirth meet.)

From: Portland Oregon Personal Injury and Class Action blog: Oregon Comcast Late Fee Class Action Certified

Excerpt: “No one said it would be quick or easy, and no one was right on both counts.

We’ve finally gotten an order entered certifying a class action in Martin v. Comcast. It’s an Oregon class action in which the class claims that Comcast illegally charged TV cable service late fees in Oregon.

Here is the link to the order for those who collect such things: Martin v. Comcast Oregon order certifying class action

We filed the case in 2004. We’ve been up and back to the Oregon Court of Appeals. Now that the class is certified, it’s time to push forward….
” (link to full post)

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