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Oregon Constitution: Wikisource, Wikiproject Oregon, and More


1) The Oregon Constitution has been wikified, but not just here (or the Ballotpedia version or this Indopedia version) but also by the good people at WikiProject Oregon who are wikifiing the Oregon Constitution, creating a Wikisource edition.

2) How to Find the Most Current Additions to the Oregon Constitution:

a) Given our rather interesting (you can’t make me use those other adjectives that spring to mind) system of amending the Oregon Constitution, I thought a few remarks on finding the most current version of the Oregon Constitution might be in order:

b) The version at the Oregon Legislature’s website does not now (as of this date) include changes to the Constitution made in Special Sessions. For example, as of today, the Oregon Legislature’s Constitution is dated 2007. However … there were changes in the 2008 Special Session.

You can find those changes at the Legislature’s webpage in a Table called either Statutes Affected by 2008 Measures or, in the actual table, labeled: “ORS SECTIONS AMENDED, REPEALED OR “ADDED TO

This system of publication, print and online, will also apply to the 75th Legislative Assembly, 2009, assuming there is a 2010 Special Session, and onward (until and unless the Legislature and/or the voters decide the Legislature should meet annually).

(This could change in the future (there are legislative and other efforts to fix the dog’s breakfast problem), and maybe in the past for all I know. It would be nice to have a complete Oregon Constitution in effect for any given time, but life and legislatures and lawmaking are not like that. To some extent our current ORS is like that, with the addition of any Special Session laws, but you can see why it is hard for attorneys and pro se litigants sometimes to figure out exactly what the law is at a given moment in time.)

3) See a related Oregon Legal Research blog posts on lawmaking and lawfinding here and here and here.

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