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Oregon Consumer Law 2009 Legislation: Lemon Laws and Auto Repair Shops


If you want or need to track Oregon consumer law legislation, here are two recent bills that may be of interest. And, here is the press release: Senate votes to strengthen Oregon’s Lemon Law, another tool for tracking legislation (and part of a law’s legislative history, though who knows if copies of the press releases are always put in the bill files).

SB 515 (html or PDF): “Changes period in which remedy is available to consumer for motor vehicle that does not conform to manufacturer’s warranty.”

HB 2268 (html or PDF): “Requires vehicle repair shop to prepare estimate of work that vehicle repair shop proposes to perform on motor vehicle before beginning work. Specifies contents of estimate. Requires vehicle repair shop to obtain separate, specific authorization for certain types of work if work is estimated to cost motor vehicle owner or owner’s designee more than $200.”

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