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Oregon Corporation / Business Law: Legal Research Resources


The good news is that the number (and weight) of Oregon corporation law research resources are a fraction of what they would be in Delaware, California, and New York. The bad news is – well, the same.

Keep in mind, though, that a lot of corporation/business legal research is not state-specific and you may need to use those non-Oregon research tools of the trade, too, depending on your question(s).

Top of the Oregon list:

1) Robert McGaughy’s “Oregon Corporate Law Handbook

2) OSB publications, e.g. “Advising Oregon Business” (5-volumes, loose-leaf)

3) Visit a Library. Not everything is online and not everything that is online is accessible freely (or even free) online, e.g. deep web, intranets, subscription databases of journals articles, etc. Public libraries and law libraries will have databases useful for company research and corporate, business, and nonprofit law.

4) Look for research guides on corporate law research, e.g. this Georgetown Law Center research guide

5) Blogs, e.g. corporation law blogs, including law firms that specialize in corporate law

6) Thomson-Reuters: “Business Organizations and Evidence,” the first two volumes of their Oregon Law & Practice series

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