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Oregon County Law Library “Rumors”: Don’t Trust & Always Verify


In this political campaign season (365 days a year), I hope you have learned not to believe much of what you hear, read, or see online, or on the grapevine, or through a beery haze without first doing some serious fact-checking.

This admonition to fact-check also applies to any rumors about your county law library:

The law library is closing? (Maybe, maybe not.)
The law librarian just gave himself a raise? (Not unless the county is violating state law.)
The law library is outsourcing to India? (Interesting idea. Hmm.)
It’s all online? (Ha ha ha. You wish.)
The Oregon Legal Research blog is kaput? (No, it’s just on hiatus.)

With apologies to Churchill (not Reagan as some believe) for my paraphrase: Please,

“Don’t Trust; Always Verify”

If you hear something about your county law library, give your law library manager a call or add a Comment to this blog post.

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