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Oregon Estate Law: Basic Forms and Practice Materials


While there are dozens of print resources (and even more online) on specific wills, trusts, and estate planning issues and questions, here’s a short list of the basic, not to be skipped, Oregon estate planning forms and practice materials. These are print-only resources in most law libraries, though some libraries may have on-site online or CD-ROM access.

1) Oregon State Bar (OSB) estate planning practice and course books

2) Oregon Will and Trust Forms in the U.S. Bank 3-volume set (also on CD-ROM)

3) Vollmer, Valerie: Estate and Trust Forms, found in OSB CLE course books. Our latest set of the “Vollmer” forms is dated “Revised April 2007” (from a Nov 3, 2006, CLE) and they update the ones in the Dec 5, 2002, OSB CLE “Planning the Basic Estate.” These are further updated in subsequent CLE course materials.

(This post is about Oregon estate planning forms only (and the general rule about “legal forms” applies). There are many, many non state-specific and self-help estate planning resources.)

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