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Oregon Foreclosures and Reverse Mortgages: Stay Informed and Forewarned


As a blogger with a busy “day-job,” I really appreciate it when others do the research for me.

Oregon attorney blogs and consumer and financial law websites offer a wealth of useful information, e.g.

1) Foreclosures: Attorney Ben Knaupp has been blogging a lot about foreclosure law, including an 8-part series on: Dealing with Foreclosure in Oregon, that he ran in October and September 2009.

2) See also related foreclosure blogging by HOA/condo law attorneys.

3) Reverse mortgages worth a look for some seniors, August 28 & August 29, 2010, by Brent Hunsberger, The Oregonian

4) The Oregonian “It’s Only Money” column provides personal finance and consumer information. It’s hard to separate the two, as we see from the new federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enacted into law in July 2010.

5) The Oregon State Bar (OSB) and the Legal Aid Services of Oregon websites have additional consumer law information.

When you research financial information online, make sure you are getting reliable information, but keep in mind, that the only way you can find out for sure if the law you read applies to your exact situation is to consult a qualified lawyer or tax specialist.

Caveat Emptor = “buyer beware”

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