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Oregon Grand Jury Reports on County Jails (Corrections)


Did you know that ORS 132.440 requires that each year a grand jury inquire into the conditions and management of corrections facilities in each county in Oregon?

2009 ORS 132.440: “Inquiry into conditions in correctional and youth correction facilities. (1) At least once yearly, a grand jury shall inquire into the condition and management of every correctional facility and youth correction facility as defined in ORS 162.135 in the county.

(2) The grand jury is entitled to free access at all reasonable times to such correctional facilities and juvenile facilities, and, without charge, to all public records in the county pertaining thereto.

(3) Other than indictments presented under ORS 132.310 or presentments presented under ORS 132.370, the grand jury shall issue no report other than a report of an inquiry made under this section. [Amended by 1973 c.836 §55; 1985 c.565 §11; 1997 c.249 §44]”

** You can find the 2009 Multnomah County report at their District Attorney’s website and the 2009 Clackamas County Special Corrections Grand Jury Report at their DA’s website.

** Check your own county’s website for their ORS 132.440 report.

** The Oregon Attorney General has issued a number of opinions over the years about the grand jury. The AG database goes back only to 1997, so you’ll need to use a law library to find the earlier opinions, which go back to before 1920.

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