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Oregon Judicial (Judge) Vacancies, Selection, and Election


There are a number of ways to research Oregon judicial vacancies and candidates and here are a few to start with:

1) The Oregon State Bar Judicial Vacancy website.

2) Oregon Governor’s judicial appointments website.

3) Oregon Bluebook

4) Oregon newspaper and blog searches are useful too, though one has to keep one’s fact-check hat on tight. Judgepedia can be useful, but watch for election updates at official sites, for example the Oregon Secretary of State Elections webpages.

5) How about a little Oregon judicial history?

6) Not unlike some clothes from long ago that have some back into style (bell bottoms!), gubernatorial candidates coming back for a second-chance can bring with them some history (a.k.a. baggage, a concept well known by U.S. Supreme Court Judge nominees).

I was searching Washington County Bar Association newsletters for something else the other day and came across an article in the August/September 1999 issue. It was written by Henry H. Lazenby, Jr., Legal Counsel, Governor’s Office: “Kitzaber’s Approach to Judicial Appointments.”

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