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Oregon Jury Verdicts: Statistics, Reports, Research

If you are searching for the jury verdict in a single case and want to know more than “who won?:
1) You’ll need to see the case file, which is sometimes available via OJIN or you will need to visit the courthouse where the trial took place, or both if the case file is not on OJIN or is too old to still be at the courthouse.
2) If you have lots and lots of money, there are a number of court document searching services; they will search for you or you can buy access to their databases.  In time, some of this data will be available through publicly accessible online court services, but they will still likely cost money.
If you are searching for aggregate data or reports on Oregon jury verdicts:
1) Check with the court, e.g. the Trial Court Administrator in the Circuit Court, if you want to know if jury verdict reports and statistics are compiled regularly.
2) Check with OJD if you are searching jury verdicts statewide.
3) Check with the county’s law library to find out if anyone is collecting and compiling the data locally.
4) The Washington County Law Library collects Washington County Circuit Court Personal Injury Jury Verdict data (since 1982).  A lot of those reports will soon be on the Law Library’s website.
5) “Jury Verdicts Northwest” is a print monthly subscription publication, and an online database, and includes data from Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and other Oregon counties.  Some law libraries will subscribe to either or both the print or the online.
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